Parkside Farm Shop


Parkside Farm Shop Quality Meat, Vegetable and Provisions SATURDAY 2nd AUGUST    10am to 4pm OPEN DAY

Fresh Meat

There will be a good selection of meat from our outdoor reared animals, including:

Dexter Beef, which will have been hanging for 21 days - Joints, steaks, mince, diced and gluten free burgers.  

Pork from our outdoor reared Saddleback pigs - joints, chops and steaks.  BBQ ribs. Pork, apple and cider sausages, and Breakfast sausages, both gluten free.

Lamb from our Wiltshire Horn sheep - joints, chops, racks, and rump.

Come and meet our suppliers, and taste their delicious products.  Those attending include:

Benedicters catering services will on the BBQ, serving our Large Black bacon and egg sandwiches in the morning,accompanied with tea and coffee by Vanilla Pig.  In the afternoon they will be cooking Dexter beef burgers and Large Black hot dogs.

Relax with a cup of tea and cake or a Cream Tea from Vanilla Pig on the lawn.

Pets Corner for the children

Plants and Crafts

See the animals.

Pets Corner for the children

Plants and Crafts