All our beef comes from our herd of Dexter cattle.  We dry hang it for three to four weeks, which develops its flavour and helps make it very tender.  We  regularly receive very good feedback from our customers about our beef, and is so popular that the prime cuts are usually sold out within a day or two. We recommend that you keep an eye our  Dates page, follow us on twitter, or sign up for our newsletter,  so you know when there will be some in stock.

Our small flock of Wiltshire Horn lambs are free to graze around an old orchard.  We stock all the usual cuts, but if there is something special that you want, have a word and we will see what we can do.

Our pigs live on the edge of Broom, and are free to wander outdoors or shelter in their arcs.  Remember, happy pigs are tasty pigs!  We usually have Large Blacks, an old fashioned traditional breed.  Their meat may be a bit more fatty than that of the intensively bred pigs you may buy elsewhere, but they have a lot more flavour.

Not sure what cut of meat you need? Click here to take a look at our cuts guide.

We are now stocking meat pies and pasties made by Benedicters of Ampthill. Available with a variety of fillings including Steak & Ale, Mince & Onion, Steak & Stilton, Leek & Bacon and Pork & Apple. The beef, pork and lamb pies all use our meat - you may see Benedicters pies in other shops, but you can only buy ones made with our meat from Parkside Farm Shop. And for the vegetarian who has managed to get to the bottom of this meat page, we do a Vegetarian Pastie too.

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