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The Bedfordshire Clanger was traditionally a suet pudding, with a savoury filling at one end, and a sweet filling at the other.  The pudding was boiled, much like a plum duff or roly-poly.

In the 19th Century, the Clanger was plain, substantial food for farm labourers or other manual workers.  Originally, the suet, which was filled with meat, may have been studded with fruit.  Overtime this changed into the form we know now - meat one end and fruit the other.  The meat used varied with how rich, or poor the family was. The richer families used pork or steak, whilst the poor used bacon.

Bedfordshire Clangers

A question often asked is, what is the origin of the name?  The most likely explanation is that in the nearby Northamptonshire dialect, clang means to eat voraciously.

If you want to try this local delicacy, we will be stocking three varieties - beef & rhubarb, pork & apple, and for vegetarians, vegetable curry and mango. These will be made for us by Gunns of Sandy, using our top quality meat, and will only be available from our farm shop.

In the summer of 2013 Jamie Oliver and Jimmy Doherty came to Bedfordshire to shoot an episode of their Jamie & Jimmy’s Friday Night Feast series, and we joined them for the afternoon.  In this episode, which will be aired on Friday 14 February, they sample the Clanger, and try and revive interest in it.

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